Grease Rag Open Shop at Cycles for Change

- What? Part of Cycles for Change's mission is to be a safe and accessible space. To help create a welcoming space for everyone, we've set aside Tuesday nights as an Open Shop just for women, gender-non-conforming, and trans* folks. If you self-identify as female, transgender, or genderqueer, you are welcome to come on Tuesdays to help create a positive, safer community space. Like other Open Shops, Tuesdays are a time to work on your bike, volunteer, learn, and teach.
- Why? Because it’s fun to work on bikes together!

And... Bike mechanics is traditionally the realm of dudes (i.e. male-masculine-men). There are a lot of women and trans people who may feel uncomfortable entering such a strongly masculine charged space to participate in a male dominated activity. Some feel just fine doing that, or can gain confidence in their skills to feel so, but that's not an assumption we can make of everyone. We strive to make our space safe at all times. While we can try to keep tabs on people’s behavior and educate shop users about how their behavior may be sexist, we are not perfect and we obviously can't control everything that happens in the shop. Confronting sexism (or transphobia, or racism, or homophobia...) is difficult and uncomfortable and is especially hard during a very busy, demanding Open Shop. By setting aside a time just for women and trans folks, we are attempting to create a safer space that is more free of oppressive behaviors.
- Please contact us about Women and Trans Night: 

May 12, 2015 at 5pm - 9pm
Grease Rag Open Shop at Cycles for Change
712 University Ave
St Paul , MN 55104
United States
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Ginny Marie Herman

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